ACM/IEEE 16th International Conference on
Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems


Call for Demonstrations

Model-driven engineering (MDE) and modeling in general has matured substantially over the past decade and is increasingly finding its way into industrial practice. As a consequence, it is now more important than ever to demonstrate the value of modeling and MDE through research prototypes as well as polished tools covering a broad variety of modeling-related activities.

To support this process and provide recognition to teams building extensive tools, MODELS will feature a track of formal demonstration sessions to run in parallel with paper sessions at the conference. We solicit high-quality proposals for this demonstration track, ranging across commercial, academic, and corporate research systems. In addition to academic tools, we are also interested in innovative tools or innovative uses of existing tools and tool chains from industrial practice.

Demonstrations will be selected on the basis of technical merit, novelty, relevance to the MODELS community, and feasibility of presentation. The presentation should be focused on technical content and given by technical members of the team.

Demonstrations will be allocated slots of 30 minutes including time for a brief overview presentation, the actual demonstration, and questions / discussions. Demonstrators will also be asked to participate in a "demo madness" session at the beginning of the conference where they will be given two minutes to promote their demonstration to all MODELS attendants.

We encourage submission of demonstrations to accompany papers submitted to or accepted into the main conference program. However, we also strongly encourage demonstration submissions that describe novel work that may not be presented at other sessions of MODELS 2013.

Topics of Interest

Topics for demonstrations of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Model-based development and its proven effectiveness
  • Development and use of domain-specific modeling languages
  • Evolution of general-purpose modeling languages and related standards
  • Definition of the syntax and semantics of modeling languages
  • Tools and meta-tools for modeling languages and model-based development
  • Model composition and metamodel composition
  • Definition and usage of model transformations and generative approaches
  • Support for legacy issues and evolution of models
  • Proposals of new model quality assurance techniques: analysis, testing and validation, model checking, and verification
  • Model-based development and cyber-physical systems
  • New methodologies/frameworks/processes for model-based development
  • Development of systems engineering and modeling-in-the-large concepts
  • Integration of modeling languages and tools: hybrid multi-modeling approaches
  • New modeling paradigms and formalisms
  • Modeling in, and for, the Cloud
  • Modeling and model-driven development in industrial practice

Submission of Proposals

Proposed contributions should be submitted through EasyChair before the deadline at Each submission should contain:

  • A 3-5 page PDF formatted to the Springer LNCS standard describing the background and contribution of the tool/system to be demonstrated. If the proposal is accepted, a revised version of this document will be published in CEUR as a separate volume and indexed by DBLP. Details about the required submission format can be found here.
  • A link to a YouTube video (between three to five minutes long) giving a concise version of the demonstration. This part of the submission will be used to judge feasibility of presentation. The link should be provided in the abstract of the submitted PDF, and should also be provided in the abstract metadata within EasyChair.

Submissions will be evaluated by a committee of experts from academia and industry. For each accepted demonstration, the presenter (at least one) must be regularly registered for MODELS before the early bird deadline.

Important Dates

15 July 2013

Demonstration proposal submission

23 August 2013

Notification to proposers

2-3 Oct 2013

Demonstration days

All deadlines are hard. No extensions will be allowed. Deadline is midnight for time zone UTC -12.

Demonstration Organization and Contact Information

The Demonstration Chairs are:

  • Yan Liu,  Concordia University, Canada
  • Steffen Zschaler, King’s College London, UK

They can be contacted at

The names of the Demonstration Selection Committee members can be found on the Committees Web Page.